My 2017 Spring beauty favourites

Hello again,

My blog posts have been somewhat heavy reading. I’m very much into a bit of beauty and my blog is about myself and my life and what makes me happy so it kind of made sense to do a post like this!

I thought I’d post everything that I’ve been loving since 2017 and will give a monthly favourites post every month.

Vitamin E Hydrating Mist – Superdrug – £2.99
This is definitely the top of my list. I’ve wanted something to refresh my skin in those months where my skin can possibly become a bit itchy and irritable (hay fever is a bitch!). I also understand that this has almost the same ingredients as MAC Fix Plus. It’s a lot cheaper and cruelty free! I spray this before and after make-up to refresh my face and keep my make up on for longer. I also use this as part of my skin care routine once a day in the evening.



Hoola Lite from Benefit Cosmetics – Debenhams – £24.99
I can’t tan – I burn or freckle. I’ve always struggled to find a bronzer that suited my warm  undertoned yet pale complexion. I recently heard of Hoola Lite and was very interested. Although it’s very cool toned, it suited me very quickly. I use this to lightly blend into my cheek bones for a more subtle look!


Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner from Collection Cosmetics – Boots/Superdrug – £2.99
These little babies are my go-to glam holy grails. With a good amount of colours available  and such easy application – they’re such a good bargain! I’ve picked up every colour but my favourites are definitely Hustle and Dancing Queen. They dry so quickly and have no fall out like powder glitters. I’d definitely re-purchase all of these a thousand times over!


From left to right: Shake It Up! Dancing Queen, Pow! Funk, Glitz, Spandex, Hustle, Le Freak and Rock Chick


Heel Genius by Soap and Glory – Boots – £5.50
My feet are sadly neglected during the early months of the year. However, I’ve managed to keep them in tip top condition thanks to this product. The smell is minty and it’s a very thick consistency that lasts for a good 16-24 hours. Can’t complain for the price and I love the packaging too. I massage this into my feet after a shower everyday to leave my feet silky smooth.



Cup O’Coffee Mask – £6.95 – Lush
Saved my favourite for last – the famous Lush Cup O’Coffee mask. I saw my favourite make-up YouTuber (bellejorden – go hit her up she’s insane) using this as part of her daily skin care routine and I purchased this afterwards straight away! For dry skin this is SO good. I put it on my skin with my fingers and sit in the bath and relax for 10 minutes before rinsing it off. It makes my skin feel so much tighter and softer and I use this 3-4 times a week to get rid of any dead skin and to brighten up my face.



If you guys liked this post then please give me some love!

Tasha ♥


2 thoughts on “My 2017 Spring beauty favourites

  1. Aw I haven’t bought anything from Soap & Glory in ages! Need to check their range again soon. Great post! It’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out too x

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