“Oh you’re such a spoilt brat…”

Before anyone jumps to any conclusions, this is not me bragging about my past and rubbing it in other peoples faces. It’s a personal expression about my life and how my opinions have changed over the years.

I remember skipping to school one morning through the park. The night before my mum had just booked us a trip of a life time – one week in New York and one week in Las Vegas.

From a young age, I’ve always had nice things. Which now I realise how lucky and privileged I was back in the day. I’d seen and experienced many wonderful things over the past 23 years. I had a dad who worked full time and he ran his own business and a mum who worked full time too. When my family were together, we were always comfortable. We never splashed our cash and made it rain but when me and my sister needed some new pens or school shoes; it was never an issue.

I never knew any different. My dads business was booming and life was pretty sweet. Then the main trauma of my life happened – my parents decided to divorce. It broke me and took me years to get over it. But it happened, and now I’ve accepted it.

For many years, I lived with my mum and my sister when I wasn’t at University studying for my degree. I saw my mum struggling to pay for bills, shivering cold in the winter and counting her pennies so me and my sister could eat a hot meal. It broke me seeing the woman who raised me like that. But my mum explained how she’d rater scrape by each week then stay with my dad.

Overtime I learnt that the tiny little things meant the most.

The holidays, treats, dinners and splurges stopped. But did I care? Nope. I’d gone from being known as a spoilt brat in school to people started to feel a bit sorry for me knowing I had no relationship with my dad and my mum struggled a bit with money.

But I didn’t care. I had the air in my lungs, a wonderful family, a job and a roof over my head. That’s all I needed.

But then, the spoilt brat nickname came back to me;

My mum decided to move in with her partner in Hertfordshire – a whole hour away. At the age of 22 did I really want to be living with my mum anymore, especially living away from her for the past 3 years? So my mum decide to invest into a property around my area – which me and my sister live in.

Yes, we do pay little rent. Yes, the flat is gorgeous and spacious. Yes, I am very privileged. But I am NOT a SPOILT BRAT.

My mum lost both her parents at quite a young age and suffered a nasty divorce over the years. Yet, always been so kind to others. She has every right to hate the world but instead, she embraces the challenges and changes that life throws at her. She has never taught me to be a brat and be ungrateful for anything in my life. She taught me to treat others with respect that I would like others to treat me and value other peoples opinions. She also taught me to stand my own ground and stick up for what I believe in, but in a soft and gentler manner.

In conclusion to this rather lengthy post.
On the outside and to other people, yes I had all these wonderful things and was smiling all the time. But behind closed doors, hell was breaking loose. However, the only thing I’ve learnt over the years is that I only need love and care in my life – no matter how much or little money I have.
Those things money really cannot buy.

Tasha ♥


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